A few of the writing assignments I had for a professional writing class is a professional recommendation, a negative message, and a negative writing response. I will continue to grow these skills in the future when I’m applying for jobs after I graduate. The job search will come with failures and successes. This class taught me how to respond to professional when I’m denied. The … Continue reading Reflections

Ladies First Music Series Ft. Ebonie Camille

My first show of the year will be with other talented lady rapper at Union Eav Ladies First Music Series in Atlanta. I can’t wait to get on the stage and perform. Grab your free tickets here Free Tickets and have fun with the kid. Continue reading Ladies First Music Series Ft. Ebonie Camille

Why I Took A Year Off From Music

I’ve always been known for my strong work ethic, willingness to promote myself, and be that outstanding grinder. For 15 years I’ve been addicted to creating music. I’ve been selfish with it, it is my dream you know. I was so caught up in studying music, marketing, hosting and fashion that I forgot how to be a normal person. I’ve always been a hard worker … Continue reading Why I Took A Year Off From Music