Ebonie Camille is the newest class act of Hip-Hop.Her diverse talents in song writing, emceeing and singing sets her above the bar. Ebonie Camille was born in Joliet IL May 26 1987. Growing up without her father made her ambitious to be great at a young age. Her mother Marva Hutchins introduced her to Motown music when she was seven and has been in love ever since. Ebonie Camille enjoyed the sounds of the Jackson 5, Temptations, Marvin Gaye and Barbra Lewis. When you listen to Ebonie Camille music you can hear her soulful roots. Ebonie Camille begin recording music from her home computer in 2002. She released a number of mixtapes “The Class Act”, The Class Of 2006” and “My Real Face” in her early years. Ebonie Camille wasn’t afraid to touch on sensitive issues from a female prospective such as insecurities. Ebonie Camille battled weight insecurities half her life and she aired them in her 2008 mixtape “Thrill of the Chase”. She grew popular from her work ethic and her campaign about showing class in everything you do. Ebonie Camille looks at herself as an artist and feminist. In 2009 Ebonie Camille launched new business ventures. She created Ease Dropping Radio for independent artist to showcase their music on line. She also launched The LadyLike Movement in 2014 to promote women in a positive light. Recently Ebonie Camille released her first album Penthouse 87 on Valentine’s Day 2015.The album featured her home town buddies C4, Reggie Loc, and Loc Star Dollaz. The album was produced by B.Scott, Digital Beats, Flawless, and S Dot Fire.