5 Ways Ebonie Camille Makes Extra Cash Online

I went on a massive search to earn extra money online in my spare time. A lot of things was fluff but what I have listed below has worked for me and I’ve seen the money hit my account. These sites won’t get you a ton of money but it does add up for a rainy day.

Software Product Reviews Have you used PayPal, Office 365 or Zoom in the last two years? If you answered yes you can earn some extra cash writing quick reviews about your experience. Capterra offers a catalog of common software we use at work, school or for personal use to review. You can earn up to $10 per review. Once you signup with Capterra they offer other incentives for writing reviews. The only catch is you have to write an honest review and it has to be reviewed and published. This usually takes 3-5 days. Once everything is reviewed and published you’ll receive an email of thanks and options for a digital gift card.


Surveys I know I know you’ve heard it all before about surveys, but this site actually pays out. A coworker told me about Survey Junkie and I ran with it. This type of extra class can be time consuming. If you have a lot of spare time or don’t mind answering a ton of questions this will work for you. Survey Junkie offers daily surveys to take for points. Once you reach 500 points you can cash out for a direct deposit or gift cards. All surveys aren’t created equal. Some surveys are worth 50 points and some are 400. So what’s the catch? You do have to qualify for the survey. You have to remember these are case studies and companies are looking for a certain demographic to research. Surveys can range in topic from car purchases, food, TV show reviews, insurance policies and more.


Blog Writer If you have a passion for a particular subject matter don’t limit yourself to Facebook statues and tweets. Blogs and websites are always looking for writers to contribute. You can earn money writing short articles for magazines, blogs and websites weekly. I’ve contributed to Coffea magazine and Broke 2 Dope.


Website Tester I researched this five years back. A web tester is a person who test out websites for functionality. This job can be done on a computer, tablet or cellphone. I’ve signed up for UserFeel and it’s been my favourite. How it works is easy. You get a lead to your email of app to take a web test. You are directed to a website and ask to perform mini task like searching a product, signing up for an account or checking out. The goal is to discover if their is any concern performing these task. You can earn up to $15 per test. What’s the catch? Once you receive a lead for a test you have to jump on it they aren’t common and leave fast. Once you submit your test it takes about 3 days to get it approved and payment is sent to PayPal for direct deposit.


Focus Group Interviews Focus group interviews has earned me the most money out the list. You can earn up to $100 for participation in a case study. TesingTime has an array of clients seeking information for major companies. Once a test is available you will receive an email to answer a few questions to determine if you qualify. If you are selected you will get invited to a video interview with select times to attend. What’s the catch? Similar to surveys analyst are looking for a certain demographic so you may not always get picked. It’s also important to submit as soon as you receive an email or a test.


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