Ebonie Camille Celebrates 3 Years in Georgia

Those Facebook memories remind you on the things that don’t always cross your mind from the past. Sometimes those memories are great to reminisce. I saw a post of me on the plane 3 years ago today on my way to start a new chapter in Georgia. I always told my mother I wouldn’t stay in Joliet forever. I never hated where I was from but I wanted to test the waters in other areas. Once I secured a job in Georgia and embarked on a love mission with LeRon Michaels LOL I got out of dodge. It was scary moving from a place where everyone knows you and you get the special treatment to coming to a place where you don’t know but three people. Being uncomfortable allows growth. My coworkers and customers at Sprint were my first friends to embrace me early. I truly appreciate them for making me family.

In my time here it’s been peaceful. I think I’ve been more my true self here because it was no pressure to be Lady “E”. I love my image but it fun to walk out the house being normal and not feeling like I have to be this superstar, done up, and always in heels chick I portrayed to be. Don’t get me wrong when it’s time to step and do business I’m her just not everyday. I really enjoyed wearing my work uniform 24/7 and letting my face breathe from all that makeup.

Since moving to Georgia I got a little more into the film industry. I’ve been featured in BET Tales, MTV’s Wild’n Out, and Brockmire. So many opportunities in film I missed because of my day job but I received a lot of invites to set. I’ve hosted a few events thanks to JoIiet Doe & Peso Montana. I enrolled back in school at Full Sail University in the digital marketing program. I’m a honers student and due to graduate April 2022. I worked for Sprint/T-Mobile 3 years and got promoted within six months. The biggest change for me now is my pregnancy with Cali. Moving away and being a first time mom will be a challenge but I’m not afraid.

People often ask me is moving to Georgia the thing to do. I always tell them do what’s best for you. If you keep the mindset and don’t change your actions it doesn’t matter where you move you’ll get the same results. Georgia is not the last stop for me as I grow in my marketing career and music I would love to live in LA or New York. For now I will take it a day at a time and continue to work towards my ultimate goals….”E”

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