Ebonie Camille Annonces Pregnancy

2020 wasn’t very bad a few weeks before Christmas I discovered I was pregnant. I laughed when I took the first test and I wasn’t shocked for some reason. I was coming to a point in life where I was ready to enter the mommy chapter. I was giving myself at least two more years or I wasn’t trying at all. Of course I wanted to be married first but I’m so blessed to discover a new type of love. I found out the gender by mistake before my gender reveal party in a email. I can’t say I wasn’t excited to know the gender before everyone else. I was hoping for a girl and I got her. Cali Michelle Bartlett will arrive by August 14, 2021. I’m so nervous being a new mother and all but I was taught by the best. My mother has been amazing and I can’t wait to continue in her footsteps. I’m looking forward to the good and rough times. I received so many early gifts and words of congratulations. Some friends thought I would never slow down to have children. Will I slow down? No. If anything I am more encouraged to proceed with my dreams. While I’m carrying her I’m overcoming major fears, revamping my radio show, making new music and finishing school. I’ve never felt so driven to reach for the stars. At times it’s all too much and I take a quick rest and get straight to it.

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