Getting Involved & Staying Informed With Revolt TV.

When I’m not in the studio or on tour I enjoy watching TV with my wife Kirsten. One of my favourite channels is Revolt TV. It’s not everyday that I browse the TV guide and find a channel I can relate to. Revolt TV gives me entertainment and informs me of social justice and politics within my own community. When my daughter gets older this is a network I would love for her to watch with me.

I dedicate a lot into my music, but it’s important for me to get my voice heard when it comes to education, civil rights and business. Revolt Summit invited me to be apart of their annually event and to speak on a panel and I’m delighted. So many young people have not registered to vote and I will be present to assist them and discuss why it’s impactful to vote in the next election. I am eager to hear what they have to say about what they face in their communities, and how I can help.

All the while Revolt is informative, but its entertaining also. You can see creative visuals like my own and exclusive interviews from me and my artist friends. Revolt shows us behind the screens when we’re creating music and when we smack talk. Revolt gives us a voice and allows us to show our personalities, concerns and visions for the future. Next time you’re looking for something new that won’t waste your time watch Revolt TV.

*This is a class assignment and not an actual post by the spokesperson or organization. 

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