A few of the writing assignments I had for a professional writing class is a professional recommendation, a negative message, and a negative writing response. I will continue to grow these skills in the future when I’m applying for jobs after I graduate. The job search will come with failures and successes. This class taught me how to respond to professional when I’m denied.

The assignment I’m most proud of was the week 1 proposal topic. This assignment allowed me to brainstorm my ideas and write them for others to understand. A lot of the time creatives have a hard time sharing those big bright ideas. The proposal structure made it easier to put my ideas in writing professionally.

What stood out to me the most was chapter 2 “Fluff, Guff, Geek and Weasel Ruin Your Writing” by Tom Sant. The chapter was very eye-opening about clear and concise writing. I’ve used fluff and weasel in my writing and I’m so ashamed. Using phrases like the state of the art, seamless, and innovative aren’t used correctly with no proof behind it. I will continue to stray away from fluff, guff, geek, and weasel writing so I don’t lose my reader’s trust.

When taking a critical look at my writing I have strengths and weaknesses. A strength is writing professional emails in the current format. I also write down my ideas out clear. A weakness is organizing my thoughts and writing a clear proposal. I thought I was presenting my ideas clearly until I received feedback from peers and instructors. After this course, I will continue to read my writing over aloud and proofread before I send my writing out.

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