Why I Took A Year Off From Music

I’ve always been known for my strong work ethic, willingness to promote myself, and be that outstanding grinder. For 15 years I’ve been addicted to creating music. I’ve been selfish with it, it is my dream you know. I was so caught up in studying music, marketing, hosting and fashion that I forgot how to be a normal person. I’ve always been a hard worker and had a decent day job but it was so hard to manage both at the same time. Working full time being a stellar employee, managing a weekly radio show, writing recording music, performing and being someone’s girlfriend is very hard. This year I decided to take a much needed break from music. I had to allow myself to fall back in love with the thing I always treasured. I was often frustrated about bad deals, bad business lack of capital and support. In this year it’s allowed me to clear my mind of bad energy. I have to be honest I didn’t take a long break I kept writing I performed and hosted when I was asked. Not going as hard was strange but I learned a lot as I sat back and watch others. I will be releasing new music in January along with a lot of other special surprises. I know people think I gave up but you know that’s not in my blood a bish was just tried. Oh yeah I also moved to Georgia. Georgia has been good to me I got a few TV show roles that opened my eyes to acting. They shoot so many movies and series in Atlanta it’s really black Hollywood. Keep your eyes open you just may see me on your favorite show.

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