What’s A Love Life?

I often get asked about what’s going on in my love life. I simply say, what’s a love life? I’ve been so caught up in my goals that I haven’t thought much about it. Sure I’ve had a crush or two but nothing major. I’ve been taking my alone time to build my brand and focus being an empowering woman. It’s true about what they say about loving yourself first. I never wanted to be the woman who base her happiness on the behalf of a man. A spouse would be great but he could only be the cherry on top. When that time comes when I’m ready to throw myself back in the game it’s gonna be a tough race LOL. I will be looking for someone that is a true friend, that I can build businesses with, that’s loyal, and likes to enjoy life and have fun. The lucky guy will have to be understanding to my career and I will do the same. This time I around I want a number one fan. I hate getting off stage and not seeing my right hand with open arms. Most of all I will be in search of someone that I can spend a lifetime with in marriage and starting a family. I have so much to look forward too and that makes me work harder. Until the time comes when I open my heart again I’ll be working hard, molding my body at the gym, eating good and buying badd dresses LOL.

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