Ebonie Camille on Setting Goals

I’m a firm believer of setting short and long term goals and giving due dates. I made a plan for 2018 in December of last year. I was often told you have to be detailed about what you want and write them down. Each month I make a monthly short term goal expectation. So far I’m behind goal on certain things LOL. I’ve learned that those slight bumps in the road shouldn’t slow you down at all. Those bumps should grind your gears harder to push forward. I have a few great motivators, Coffe’ Iman & Boi fLOYD who check on me daily and remind me that my goals are important and to keep my head high. Working through frustration is something you have to master. Throughout the years I’ve had great wins and heavy losses but my faith and ability to work thru frustration and charge it to the game keeps me active. Every night before I go to sleep I think about what I did for the day. Either I’m proud of myself or let down. The major goal is to be more proud, productive,and prestigious.

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