Ebonie Camille to Release New Music

I’m so over due but I’ve been silently working on new music and a followup mixtape “Lit Summer 2” due to release on my birthday in May. Why did you take so long to release new music “E”? For once in life I took time to work on me. After my 5 year relationship ended I did some soul searching. I’ve never been the one to slow down but it was needed. I still was active in the music industry while I took my rest from the forefront. I wrote songs for other artist, did lite marketing for my brother Scotty Music and hosted Ease Dropping Radio. After I returned from SXSW I knew my rest was over and it is now or never. I’ve worked with an amazing producer Enon Jacobs that has remastered my sound and produced 70% of “Lit Summer 2”. Be looking out for my new single “Drop My Money Off” Trust me it’s going to be a LIT SUMMER!!!

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