SXSW 2018 Recap

The festival I anticipate all year SXSW has come and gone. I attended March 16-18. Some may come to SXSW to see the performances but I attend to meet new friends. I’ve made new friends across the globe at SXSW. It’s a haven for liked minded people that aim to become successful and spread the word about their talents. I had not 1 show lined up before I arrived but some how God blessed me with one. I’m very big on not paying to play. Promoters battle me often on this topic but I’m standing on it I won’t pay to entertain you. The host of the Urban Fetus stage Jack Thriller gave me the opportunity to come on stage and do my thing. I love and hate being put on the spot but an entertainer should always have something up their sleeve at any given moment. It felt great a rush ran through my body. I love performing and showing people my skills. I don’t look like an artist more like a R&B singer so when the bars come out they just stare. As far as the festival the shows were great. The streets was full of unique acts, fashion, and networking. I got a handful of flyers and CDS to follow up with. Next year I want to put together my own event and bring something different to SXSW. I’m always thinking of it be looking out for news late October.


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