Ebonie Camille Talks SXSW 2017

I counted the days for 3 whole months until my vacation finally came. I’ve been planning and plotting to be part of the 2017 SXSW festival every since I came back from the last one. I had my heart on performing even if I had to get a tailgater and rap in the streets. I contacted numerous of promoters throwing events to see how I could be apart and they all gave me a link to PayPal. I talked to a successful artist on the rise asked advice on “paying to play”. I was told not to and to keep working hard for one day they will knock my door down. I didn’t like the news but I knew it was for the best. Later that week I saw a tweet from Fakeshore Drive owner Andrew Barber about paying to perform being a scam and to keep working hard. I had all the reassurance I needed I just had to face the fact. It’s finally the week of the festival and I’m pumped to meet new people and to spread the word even tho I’m not performing. I check into my room and receive a call from my manager that I will be performing and the show features Lil Flip, Afro Man, 21 Savage, Yung M.A, Twista and Dave East. I wasn’t prepared didn’t have my music but it was my shot to show em what I got without paying 1,000. I had a few hours to practice and get my music to the Dj and I made it happen. I’m so very thankful for my manger and my sister that amped me for the show. Moral to the story is sometimes God is working behind the scenes for you all you have to do is trust him.

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