Ebonie Camille on Remembering Reggie Loc

When I was in junior high I began to write music. I didn’t know much about the industry or the underground scene so I kept my recordings to myself. One day on the school bus I heard people passing around a portable CD players saying, “Reggie Loc is hot he’s the best”. I quickly inquired about who he was. I wondered if he was famous I heard he lived in Joliet. I found out that he was a up and coming artist in my city and he had a lot of fans. I didn’t know local people could be so popular with their music until I heard Reggie Loc. I remember thinking to myself I want to be like him I want people to listen to my music too. When I saw it was possible to put out your own music independently I did. My music didn’t measure up to his statues at all LOL but I was still inspired and driven to be like him.  Years went past and I stared to do shows and record mixtapes. I started to earn respect for my strong work ethic and networking skills. In 2014 I finally got the courage  to reach out to Reggie for an interview on my radio show. He humbly agreed and we became friends ever since. I went to his shows and he came to a few of mine. He asked to me to work on a collaboration which later led to the song “HighLife”. I was honored that he wanted to work with me. We teamed up with my younger brother Scotty, and Holly Grove to produce my favorite song of all time. It was more then just a song to me. I would have never in a million years thought that I could measure up to him let alone be on the same track. Reggie would often ask me for my feedback and valued my opinion. I couldn’t understand why when I looked up to him . I even helped mange him. One day I told him how deep of a inspiration he was to me and how I wouldn’t have chased my dream if I didn’t see him do it. I’ve learned to give people their roses before it too late.I was sadden by his lost but motivated and inspired like I was in 2000 when I saw his vision. I am truly blessed to have had you as a partner, mentor, and most of all friend. When I’m feeling low and my backs against the wall I will think of you and remember you telling me to put myself out there and go for your dreams….I Got You

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