Ebonie Camille Launches LadyLike Sisterhood

One thing I always disliked about being a woman is friendships with other women. As much as I have tired it has become hard for me to be friends with them. After a while I realized that women rather tare the next down then to lift them up. Women can be so jealous of the next. I also have met so amazing beautiful smart women that have recommended me for jobs, had my back, and has been loyal. Instead of advertising the negative I want to uplift amazing women that support each other. What started out a clothing line turned into a  sisterhood. “LadyLike” is a sisterhood of women that are reaching for success, helping each other out, and positive role models. I reached out to many women and I was surprised with the outcome. So many responded and was happy to join a positive effort. It means a lot to me to see women come together and share words of wisdom and just glow as the beautiful gem that they were created to be. My efforts to change the word maybe small but I’m trying everyday to reach the issues and solve them. The young girls are my target. As I look through social media I see a lot of disturbing things I don’t like. I want to be that role model young girls think is cool because she doesn’t expose her self and she’s educated.

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